Tinku Rewri Shop

Rewri wali gali, Charbagh Market

This shop was started in 1982 by Alok’s father. The family belongs to Lucknow itself. The rewri wali gali in Charbagh has been home to generations of rewri makers and sellers. The inner chambers of the houses on both sides of the street are used for making rewri out of sesame seeds, sugar and rose water. Portions that open out into the street make up rows of shops that sell only rewri. People from Kanpur and Agra too source their rewri from here. Alok feels that the location of the shop in this lane ensures that he keeps getting new customers. Some years back, when the Lucknow Metro was being built, it came to be known that the entire lane was slated for demolition. The plan showed new structures to be built where the lane is located. The rewri traders started a campaign to save their shops from destruction, and by dint of effort managed to have the plans changed.