Net Ram

Near Aminabad Kotwali

Ajay Kumar tells us that his ancestor Net Ram was originally from Mathura. In 1854, he set up an establishment known as Net Ram, Mool Chand Sweets in Allahabad. The town still has an important crossroads named Net Ram Chauraha. He had two sons—Mool Chand and Bhim Singh. In 1922, Bhim Singh came to Lucknow to set up a stall in a fair, while Mool Chand stayed in Allahabad. The reception that Bhim Singh got from the people of Lucknow was so encouraging that he decided to set up shop here itself. After him, his son Lala Lal; his grandson, Ajay Agrawal; great-grandson, Anoop Agrawal and currently great-great grandson Amol Agrawal took over in time. Jalebis are still poured out into the frying pan from a copper vessel in this establishment, and their balushahi is soft and fluffy as cotton wool. The don’t serve chhole with pooris—instead, they serve sabzi made with potatos and pumpkins, with accompaniments of raita and achar. Employees have worked here since they were small. Mantri, for example, who makes jalebi and imarti has been at his post for the past 50 years. Chunni Lal makes khasta, samosa and pooris. Ram Nath is responsible for all the sweets made with chhena (cheese curds).