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Haji Inayatullah Hotel

Nazirabad Road, Opposite Bilali Masjid Saifullah, manning the cash counter, says that this outlet started operating about 65-70 years back. His grandfather used to live in Lucknow itself, and used his own name for the establishment. The initial objective was to serve Nihari and Kulcha to the clientele. Gradually, the menu began to diversify. These […]

Shakeel Biryani

Aminabad “Well, my name is Shakeel Ahmad Khan. This business started in 1992 and I set it up myself. We offer biryani which is our family’s profession. We started with biryani and continue with it. My father, too cooks. Only, he used to make it out of beef, but I use chicken. My grandfather Majeed […]

Khanna Jalpaan

Aminabad According to Ashish, the present shop owner, this outlet was established in 1918. Earlier, there was a biscuit factory in these premises. Raja Ram started serving tea and biscuits. A cup of tea was priced at 2 pice. The tea was highly appreciated in Aminabad, and soon enough he could establish branches in Chowk […]


Nazirabad Mujir Ahmad is overseeing the service and the billing. He says– “More than 50 years have gone by since Alamgir Restaurant was started. It has been our endeavour to serve the food that the nawabi families used to eat, to all discerning clients. This has been our traditional occupation. Before my father, my grandfather […]

Hari Matar

Near Agrawal Stores, Gadbadjhala Hari Prasad (Vishnu’s Blessing) started the eponymous establishment Hari (Green) Matar (Peas) and Sohaal about 50 years ago with the homonym as its sole decoration. His family is originally from Fatehganj, but it was from Faizabad that they moved to Lucknow to seek a livelihood. Hari Prasad is illiterate, but was […]

Pandit Chat Corner

Phal wali gali, Aminabad Angad Maharaj had started selling chaat in 1880, but his shop was registered with the Municipality in 1927. Angad Mahraj was Kalyan Kumar Sharma’s grandfather. Now his grandson Amit Kumar Sharma has taken over. Amit has studied Hotel Management and has a degree from IHM, Chennai. After qualifying, he worked as […]

Prakash Kulfi

Aminabad Chauraha (Prakash Kulfi Chauraha) Prakash Chandra Arora’s family was displaced from West Punjab and arrived in Bareilly in 1947. A few years later, Prakash Chandra came to Lucknow, seeking employment, with just one rupee in his pocket. He worked at several places, but ultimately started his own business—selling kulfi from a small wooden platform […]

Shukla Chai

Hazratganj In 1930, Lalta Prasad Shukla set up this shop. Initially, they dealt only in milk, yogurt and milk barfi. Later they started serving pooris. In 1965, tea was offered for the first time, and became so popular that the pooris took a back seat. Lalta Prasad’s son Gyan Shankar took over from him in […]


Press Club, China Bazar, Qaiserbagh Tanu Tandon at the billing counter of this restaurant informs us that it was started in 1999 by Shameel Shamsi as a side-business to indulge his hobby. We recalled that the evening the restaurant was inaugurated, Shameel had invited a much-loved qawwali singer, Hyder Baksh to perform and offer his […]

Good Bakery

GM Ahuja came to Lucknow from Sind (Pakistan) in 1947. Baking had been the favoured profession in his family even there. In 1958, he set up Green Bakery in Narahi, but the great flood of 1960 totally destroyed it. Gathering up courage once more, he set up Good Bakery in 1963. Time passed, and a […]