Author: Akshunn

Mukhtar Ahmad Sweet House

Opposite Firangi Mahal, Chowk Vakil Ahmad’s father, Mukhtar Ahmad set up this sweet shop. Mukhtar Ahmad was a farm hand in his native Adampur (Bahraich). He learnt the craft of confectionery in Lucknow and taught it to his son. His son completed his schooling and joined the business. Vakil Ahmad tells us: “Our business is […]

The Famous Kulfi of Jajivan Lal

Opposite Kotwali, Chowk Dileep Sahu tells us that it was his grandfather Shriram Sahu who started selling kulfi about 50 years back. He used to sell door-to-door, from a large basket that he carried on his head. There were few itenarant vendors of kulfi in Lucknow at that time. Dilip’s father Jagjivan Lal set up […]

Mandoo Bhai ki Shikanji

Pata Nala, Chowk Mandoo Bhai relates: “Generations of our family have dealt in shikanji. My father and my elder brother ran this business, and now it is my turn. We had a tiny stall right opposite where my father and my brother used to operate from. After both of them passed way, I took up […]

Ramesh Bun Matar

Bun-Matar Crossing, Near Lucknow University, Babuganj In 1965, Ramesh Kashyap used to sell bun-matar off a stand near the Lucknow University. After 1980, he moved it to its present location in Babuganj. His son, Mohan Kashyap sets up the stand in the same place. His customers recall that Ramesh was a very jolly person. He […]


Madan Mohan Malviya Marg An artisanal bakery that derives its name from a nursery rhyme caught the eye of kindergarteners and their parents who came to pick up their kindergarteners from Red Hill School on Gokhale Marg towards the end of the last millenium. Abhishek Gupta, started this business in 1999. His family lived in […]

Shri Ram Kachaudi

Bangla Bazar Sanjay Shukla left his village in Unnao District and came to Lucknow to work at a spice factory. Sanjay enjoys cooking, so in 2019 he started this business. His wife and son Vinay have given their full support to the venture. Sanjay’s major objective is to supply good, yet inexpensive food to fill […]

Baba ka Dhaba

Alambagh Shiv Kumar Verma is from Ganeshganj in Gonda District. He lost his father when he was only a small boy. His mother and he came to Lucknow in 1983. Shiv Kumar began scrounging for coal by the railway tracks to sell for a pittance. He moved on to selling sev, khasta and pakori from […]

Madan Nankhatai

Near State Bank, Alambagh In 1947, Haveli Ram had to flee to Lucknow via Punjab during the Partition. His family included his 10-year-old son Madan. The nankhatai business began just about then. Haveli Ram set up a stand selling nankhatai in Aminabad. Business ws brisk. When he was a little older, Madan joined his father. […]

Tinku Rewri Shop

Rewri wali gali, Charbagh Market This shop was started in 1982 by Alok’s father. The family belongs to Lucknow itself. The rewri wali gali in Charbagh has been home to generations of rewri makers and sellers. The inner chambers of the houses on both sides of the street are used for making rewri out of […]

Babu Lal Malai Wale

Batashe wali gali, Raja Bazar This 70-year-old business was set up by Vishal Gupta’s grandfather, Babu Lal. The family is from Lucknow, and the business was take up in time by Babu Lal’s son and now by his grandson. After his M Sc, Vishal was reluctant to leave home. His parents, too, wished that he […]