The Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival (MSLF)

Launched in 2010, out of the community that grew around Sanatkada, MSLF distills the essence of Lakhnavi culture, in the form of an open to all event, targeted as much at Lucknow’s deeply entrenched locals as well as to newcomers & visitors.

Using oral, visual and experiential storytelling techniques, the festival celebrates the pluralistic, inclusive and unique traditions of Lucknow. The MSLF is now a veritable institution, a highly anticipated celebration of Lucknow, playing a vital role in the city as the foremost champion of it's culture. This is evidenced by it's growing popularity - from a footfall in the 100s to crossing 25,000 in 2022.

The five-day city-wide festival features a multimedia exhibition, live performances, lectures, a crafts & weaves bazaar, the home-cooked food festival and much more.

MSLF 2023


This year we explore the rich musical and dance traditions of Awadh. Awadh has long been a land of artists and their equally knowledgeable patrons and connoisseurs. Aland that gave birth to thumri and khyaal styles of music, the land where Kathak, Sozkhwani & Marsiyakhwani not only flourished but reached the pinnacle of their artistic expressions. This is where the tabla, sitar, sarangi and ghazals formed their inimitable quartet to wow millions, even to this day.

Home to innumerable poets, musicians, and songwriters, this region has contributed talents and made an indelible impact on the popular music of the Mumbai film industry as well.

Indira Mahindra

Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival is dedicated to the memory of the late Indira Mahindra, whose contribution to the arts & culture of Lucknow has left an everlasting impact on the city. The Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival is built upon the very principles that Indira Mahindra lived by - bringing together people from all walks of life to celebrate the rich culture of Lucknow.