Shree Lassi Corner

Midway between Charak and Chowk Crossing

Ramesh Chandra Gupta moved out from under the shadow of his formidable forefather Nandu Halwai in 1983 to lay claim to the legacy as a member of his fourth generation of descendants. Shifting operations from the phool wali gali, he set up a derelict laundry cupboard near Gol Darwaza to set up Shree Lassi Corner. The shop had gathered acclaim by 1990. Ramesh’s two sons, Nitin and Rohit had begun helping out at the shop while still in school. In 2007, there was a parting of ways. Ramesh Chandra stayed on with the elder son, while Rohit started out his own Shree Lassi corner nearby. Thirty-three different spices and condiments go into the chhole available at both establishments. Both Nitin and Rohit supervise the preparation at their respective outlets. Rohit observes: ‘Nobody teaches a baby fish to swim.; He tells us that old customers confirm that the food tastes the same as it did in days gone by. ‘Medical students of yesteryear are now famous doctors, but they still return to us from far and wide. I am overjoyed at their comments about our eatery. Celebrities make it a point to visit Shree Lassi Corner when they are in Lucknow. We have never advertised; it is only the love of our clientele that has given us fame.’