Shikanji Walla – Hot and Cool Corner

Opposite SBI Main Branch (Tare Wali Kothi)

Anoop and his brother Ranu are pleased that they are now famous because of lemonade. The two brothers run this outlet jointly. They started with a trademark spiced lemonade in 1992, which sold for Rs. 8 a glass. Now they have added cold drinks and snacks to the menu. They are famous for serving ‘fasting lemonade’—vrat ki shikanji—that the pious folk of Lucknow do not hesitate to drink while they are observing a fast! This is made with ice, soda water and sugar. They also serve fresh lime soda—soda shikanji for Rs. 35 a glass. Another innovation is chatori Maggi, instant noodles flavoured with the same spices that go into the spiced lemonade. The brothers say that the people of Lucknow have contributed much love and support to their success. They say that they do not wish to compete with any other outlet, but stay focused on their unique flavour. They did struggle initially, but today the place is abuzz with clients. They will ever strive to deliver the best to their customers, so that their reputation is maintained.