Mahindra Sanatkada Festival Year 2019


This year, with the theme Husn e Karigari e Awadh, we paid tribute to our artists, artisans & myriad workers who continue to keep alive these skills and offer them up to the discerning eye. We selected this theme to mark our tenth year, since we started out ten years ago as a crafts bazaar and have grown over the last decade into much more. This year, through an immersive exhibition, films, lectures and discussions, we'll explore the lesser known crafts of Awadh and the stories of the crafts persons who have been the custodians of this heritage. We strongly believe that the years of training each craftsperson undergoes before becoming a master craftsperson is important to highlight, preserve and promote. We also hope to contest ideas of inaccessibility of high end craft and sensitize people to recognizing and choosing craft in every day chores like using a sil batta in the kitchen, or cane furniture in homes or even sending utensils to a qalayi wala for polishing... artistic skill is invaluable and deserves attention and promotion from everyone.

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Saleempur House

Picture Gallery 2019

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