Mahindra Sanatkada Festival Year 2017

Lucknow ki Reha'ish ( Homes of Lucknow)
Every home represents a story that has contributed to Lucknow's special history and showcases a sliver of its past. To bring those stories to light, we have spoken with people all over the city in their homes and documented their oral histories through photographs and film.

At the festival, you can experience the theme first hand. We will be hosting heritage walks and tours so you can visit the homes that we have documented for the festival. We will also be launching a book as well as a short film screenings so you can read about and hear the stories of these homes told by the people who live there. This year, there is also a stunning exhibit that is designed to immerse you in the architecture of Lucknow and allow you to engage with the unique designs of the city. A city wide Photography and Sketching Competition was a first this year.

In association with:

Saleempur House

Supported by:

Sadhbhavna Trust

Picture Gallery 2017

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