Mahindra Sanatkada Festival Year 2011

In 2011, the Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival centred around the theme of Basant. The Baradari was decorated in yellow and everything associated with basant was displayed- yellow flowers, baskets, lamps. A total of 60 craft groups brought their products to the festival and some of them also gave demonstrations of their crafts. Agor demonstrated their Bodo weaves and Madhubani artists displayed their craft on cloth, paper pots and paper mashe products. Several programs like Dastangoi by Mahmood Farooqui and Danish Husain, Semi Classical Music by Channu Lal Mishra and Indian Classical Music by Madhumita Ray were also organised as a part of the festival. The very popular Home Cooked Food Festival commenced this year and continues to be a raging hit among all visitors to the festival. The idea behind this festival was to bring out some old recipes that have been passed through generations in the old homes of Lucknow. Zehra's Biryani, Noor's Laal mirch ka Keema and Mamta's Matar Tehri, tingled everyone's taste buds.

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Sadhbhavna Trust

Picture Gallery 2011

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