Pardesia Khaste Wale

Rajaji Puram

Shatrughan Rathore relates “I used to make khasta at home earlier, which all my friends praised a great deal. They advised, why don’t I try to sell khastas like these? In 1986, I was persuaded by my friends to start this business. I used to haul around a big basket of khasta on a bicycle to sell. My wife helped the business grow—perhaps I would not have been able to accomplish anything but for her support. It was very hard work in the beginning, because we had no understanding of what the public wanted. As time passed, though, we grasped the kind of taste that people prefer. Today, we are known even outside Lucknow, thanks to the love and prayers of the people of Lucknow. We make up all the spices ourselves. Apart from khasta, we make and sell chaat, matar, bhelpuri, kachalu and papri. The khasta is the best selling item– they keep well for up to four days. People who have lost their teeth can still enjoy our soft khasta. We serve them with curds, chutney and matar on the side; which everybody likes. I feel very happy when customers from out of town come over and tell me that they come here for khasta every time they are in Lucknow. They have some here, and take away more for their families back home. All we want is that the people continue to give us their love and blessings.