Pandit Ram Narayan and Son

Near Old RTO, Latouche Road

According to Prakhar Tiwari, his grandfather Ram Narayan left Rehmatgarh for Lucknow in 1929 in search of livelihood. Here, he and his wife started a business of sweet dahi bada. Grandma Sumitra Devi would make the dahi-bada, and Ram Narayan would sell them, first off a stand, and then a handcart. He would trundle the handcart from his home to the shade of the peepul tree on Latouche Road, ringing a bell all the time to alert customers. The premises are currently located where the handcart used to be stationed. After his grandfather, his father Vivek Prakash Tiwari took up the business. He had been elected to the UP Assembly and as an MLA, had contacts with a large number of political figures who patronized the establishment. Atal Bihari Vajpeyee and Amar Singh were among the prominent politicians who enjoyed chaat here whenever they were in Lucknow. Amar Singh brought film personalities like Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan and Sunjay Dutt to have chaat here. Vivek Prakash passed away in 2004. His wife Vibha Tiwari took up the affairs of the business with her never-say-die attitude and ran it for several years. She still comes around to check if all is well. Prakhar’s elder brother Anurag Tiwari then stepped in when he was old enough to. After his demise, the responsibility fell on Prakhar. He studied to be a Chartered Accountant but has no qualms about taking the business forward. Kishan has been employed at the shop for 25 years.