Mukhtar Ahmad Sweet House

Opposite Firangi Mahal, Chowk

Vakil Ahmad’s father, Mukhtar Ahmad set up this sweet shop. Mukhtar Ahmad was a farm hand in his native Adampur (Bahraich). He learnt the craft of confectionery in Lucknow and taught it to his son. His son completed his schooling and joined the business. Vakil Ahmad tells us: “Our business is sustained because of our behaviour towards our clients and the relationship we build with them.” Mukhtar Ahmad made it a point to help poor people, and would feed poor children free. Vakil has maintained this tradition. (he even gave us free samples of his wares!) Carrot halwa and nut-laden laddoos were the first to be sold from this establishment. Other items were gradually added on. “There was a crowded vegetable market here in the early days. When it was relocated, the street got cleaner and more customers were able to access our outlet.” The establishment delivers on confirmed orders and tries to meet any demand. Their laddoos and samosas are relatively largerthan their competitors. Mashooq Ali is an employee who has worked here for at least 50 years, from the time when Mukhtar Ahmad used to be the boss. He is in charge of their special milk pudding made with gramflour vermicelli and reduced milk solids. Carrot halwa used to cost ₹ 120/Kg some time back; but is now sold at ₹520/Kg.