Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival

A Festival of Dance, Drama, Cinema, History, Literature, Music and Cuisine
With a
Weaves & Crafts Bazaar
2nd to 6th February 2018
11am to 10pm
Baradari, Qaiser Bagh
Supported by Sadbhavana Trust

Entry in the festival is by registration only
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Dedication to Indira Mahindra

This Festival is dedicated to the Late Indira Mahindra, whose contribution to the arts and culture of Lucknow has left an everlasting stamp on the city. Indira Mahindra was born in Allahabad but spent her childhood and the majority of her adolescence in Lucknow. She attended Isabella Thoburn College, which she later joined as faculty. She authored and published four books and was also featured in the Bollywood film Kaali Ghata while in Mumbai. She had a zest for life that was seen in all she did-whether it was for a large social initiative or a local group-her fervent support for Indian art and culture was unparalleled. She was an inspiration to her children, Anand, Radhika and Anuja Mahindra, and continues to be one to all of us today. This festival was built upon the very principles that Indira Mahindra lived by-to bring together people from all walks of life and celebrate the rich culture of our country. We are honored to make the Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival a tribute to this vibrant woman.

About the Festival

From the beautiful array of weaves and crafts to the scrumptious plates of Awadhi cuisine-the festival is a kaleidoscope of culture and charm. Come during the day for heritage walks and tours to explore the living history of this marvelous city or come at night for soul-stirring performances or a leisurely Qissa Goi, a delicious qulfi or those heavenly kebabs. Bring your children to the kids' corner or bring your friends for a film. Come take part in the literary Guftugu (interactions) to discuss, understand and clarify your world view with noted authors, historians and litterateurs or explore the crafts bazaar for exquisite, hand-crafted products from around the country. Regardless of who you are or where you are from, Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival has something for everyone.

The Festival Theme

Every year we choose a theme of historical and cultural relevance to Lucknow. Using oral, visual and experiential storytelling techniques the festival celebrates the pluralistic, inclusive and unique traditions of the city. The theme is also reflected in the cultural performances, heritage walks, panel discussions, exhibititions, films and merchandise created for the festival. Shama, Basant, Pehnawa, Lucknow ke Bazaar, Feminists of Awadh, Filmi Duniya mein Awadh, Lucknow ki Rachi Basi Tehzeeb and Lucknow ki Reha'ish were the themes in previous years.

Francisi Awadhi Ta'alluqaat (The French Connection with Awadh) is the theme for this year's festival. In their relatively short stint in Awadh, the French left a strong impression on the city through architecture, art, craft, performing arts and literature. The French aesthetic of opulence and luxury found resonance with that of the Awadhi Nawabs. What emerged from this Francisi Awadhi T'alluqaat is at the heart of the MSLF 2018.

At the festival, the theme will come to life through an exhibition that brings some of the rarest eighteenth century paintings from all over the world to Lucknow, lectures by eminent historians on the theme, some of the finest French films, a jazz performance, heritage tours that highlight the French connection with Lucknow and by enjoying some delectable French cuisine.

Theme Exhibition

The Theme exhibition is a visual narrative of the rich cultural exchange between Awadh and France co-bringing together some of the rarest and finest specimans of paintings commissioned in Lucknow a few centuries ago back to Lucknow. This exhibition promises to aqaint you with the finer nuances of this interesting facet of your city's history that has faded away from public memory. A walk through the exhibition will leave you spellbound and will hopefully coax you to reflect on the relevance and beauty of different kind of exchanges among people and societies.

Alliance Française de Lucknow

The Festival is in Collaboration with Alliance Française de Lucknow, French Language Institute and Indo-French Cultural Centre

Alliance Française de Lucknow is a non-profit autonomous body registered in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Established in August 2016, it belongs to a network of 14 Alliance Françaises in India. More than 25,000 students attend Alliance Française French classes throughout the Indian sub-continent.

Alliance Française promotes the French language as well as French and Francophone cultures in 133 countries. The French classes and cultural events encourage diversity and cultural exchange. Owing to its significant network spread across 5 continents, it creates, with support of the French Government, stronger bonds with citizens and the patrons of host countries. The success of Alliance Française results from this double partnership uniting French authorities as well as many volunteers who offer their time, knowledge, and talent to Alliance Française and thereby confer to this association its autonomy and legitimacy.

Bonjour India

In 1985 Indian performers were cheered at the Trocadero Alley in Paris, and in 1989 French artists enchanted audiences at Marine Drive in Mumbai. Two decades later, Bonjour India came back with a bang in 2009, and by 2013 it grew into more and more collaborations.

Scaling up in its third edition, Bonjour India 2017-18 is a four month long mega voyage across India that will celebrate Indo-French partnership as well as shape the next decade of human exchange between the two countries. From November 2017 to February 2018, Bonjour India covers around 100 programmes and projects in over 30 cities across 20 states & union territories. Bonjour India provides a platform for enduring partnerships across the themes of Smart Citizen, High Mobility, Go Green.

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