Lucknowi Bawarchi Khane – Culinary Traditions Of Lucknow

As we head into the 13th year of the Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival, we take stock of what came before and more importantly the past two years that have shaken our community, country & planet. The pandemic has forced us all to look deeper into our personal selves as well as to our priorities. Family ties have been re-established & strengthened & food has played an enormous role in keeping each of us grounded & occupied.

At MSLF22, we give thanks & appreciation to our chefs, who kept our home fires burning & our street food vendors who were hit hard by the lockdowns. To this end, the famed ‘Lucknowi Bawarchi Khane’ are celebrated & exalted at our forthcoming festival.

Food, and especially fine food, brings our conversations closer & makes our varied worlds collide. Lucknow is essentially this place, a melting pot of divine flavours & tastes wrapped in our very special Ganga Jamuni tehzeeb. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is to relish the divine in each or us & celebrate our friends, and what better way than through the sharing of our multitude of cuisines?

The Festival has been postponed indefinitely because of rising covid-19 cases.

Stay tuned for details and festival research here!