Good Bakery

GM Ahuja came to Lucknow from Sind (Pakistan) in 1947. Baking had been the favoured profession in his family even there. In 1958, he set up Green Bakery in Narahi, but the great flood of 1960 totally destroyed it. Gathering up courage once more, he set up Good Bakery in 1963. Time passed, and a few of his relatives came over to Lucknow to help in the business. Today, they have several branches all across town. Mr. Ahuja says that it was difficult to get good bread in Lucknow in the 1950s-60s. As time went by, Good Bakery moved on from working like an artisanal bakey supplying the community to supplying bulk volumes to large and famous restaurants. The original establishment at Qaisarbagh has today created a space where customers can sit down and have a quick snack. Bakes from around the world can be had here—breads, biscuits, freshly made sandwiches, pizza, cakes—you name it. “We have trained scores of authentic bakers from in and around Lucknow. It is only with their efforts and help that we have been able to serve international delicacies. We believe that this is our gift to celebrate and pay tribute to the cosmopolitan, melting-pot spirit of Lucknow.