Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival 2019

Event: Literary Guftugu - In collaboration with Salempur House

The festival is free for all. However, entry in the festival is by registration only. Join us for the festivities!

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The Guftugu sessions by prominent academicians, scholars, historians, activists, restorers and writers, will acquaint you with art, lifestyle, architecture, heritage and restoration of Lucknow. The theme of MSLF 2019 will be the focus of these sessions

Day 1, Friday, 1st February 2019

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12 noon
Literary Guftugu - Salempur House
# Ritu Sethi in conversation with Jannan, Mahesh and Ali Abbas Haider practitioners of craft from Lucknow.

Jannan has been practicing the craft of the rafu or darning since he was 10. Today he is an icon in Lucknow and you would have surely seen him in Hazratganj sitting outside the Modern Laundry.

Mahesh belongs to a family of murtikars and is the only crafts person practicing the art of murtikari in Lucknow now. His miniature murtis are a work in finesse and craft.

Ali Abbas Haider is a naqqash and taziya maker. He has been a practitioner of the metal crafts for decades and has been safeguarding some of oldest methods and processes of his trade.

Day 2, Saturday, 2nd February 2019

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11 am
Literary Guftugu - Salempur House
# A Handcrafted Diversity by Laila Taybji
Focusing on the role of the craftsperson in the 21st century as part of our cultural diversity, and how it is relevant and of value today.

An artist, designer, craft revivalist, social media blogger & activist, Laila Tyabji is a multifaceted, multi-dimensional woman in the arena of crafts & aesthetics. Dastkar, now a household name has been nurtured by her since the early 80s. Her efforts and her massive body of work with artisans and crafts persons from all over the country were recognized when she was awarded the Padma Shri in 2001.

1 pm
Literary Guftugu - Salempur House
# Sarover Zaidi
Tools in the hands of gods' - thinking and working with Karigars
Explores specifically the Alam and the Panja, extensively deployed during Muharram for the veneration of the family of the prophet. Exploring the relationship with the Karigars. who navigate iconography debates; provide innovative designs and work towards the survival and continuation of a tradition and its popularity.

Sarover Zaidi is a social anthropologist, working on religion, architecture, craftsmanship and urbanism. She studied philosophy at St. Stephen's College and Sociology and Social Anthropology at the Delhi School of Economics, and the Max Planck Institute, Germany. She has worked extensively on rural development, iconography, art, Islamic studies etc. She runs an interdisciplinary forum in Delhi called 'Elementary Forms', and currently teaches at the Jindal School of Art and Architecture, Sonipat.

3 pm
# Lucknow Lectern - Salempur House
A Talk by Prof. P. Balaram
Prof. P. Balaram is among the foremost scientists of the country. A Padma Bhushan recipient, he is a former Director of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore where he is Emeritus Professor. He was extensively engaged with the interface of science, education, ethics and society.

7 pm
Salempur House
# Lucknow Letters
Saman Habib and Sanjay Muttoo
Illustrated Readings 'Lucknow in Letters: Endeavours, Achievements and Tragedies' is a multilingual (English/Urdu/Hindi) reading of personal letters written to/from Lucknow that provide glimpses of the living experience of the city since the 'Ghadar' of 1857 to present times. The event has been conceived as a labour of love for the city and its syncretic culture.

Saman Habib is a scientist at the Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow. She is passionate about literature and poetry.

Sanjay Muttoo is a media professional from Lucknow who now lives and teaches in Delhi.

Day 3, Sunday, 3rd February 2019

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11 am
Literary Guftugu - Salempur House
# Lucknow in the Victoria and Albert Museum
A talk by Susan Stronge
A world authority on decorative arts in South Asia, Susan Stronge is a highly respected senior curator at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. A prolific researcher, her many publications include "Bidri Ware - Inlaid Metalwork from India"; "The Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms"; "Tipu's Tigers" and "Painting for the Mughal Emperor"; "Made for Mughal Emperors: Royal Treasures from Hindustan" and "Bejewelled: Treasures from the Al-Thani Collection".

4 pm
Literary Guftugu - Salempur House
# Chikankari: Flawless Craftsmanship, Refined Elegance'
A talk by Paola Manfredi
Italian by birth and an ethnologist by training, Paola Manfredi began her tryst with the intricacies of Chikankari in the early 80s. Of particular interest was the reflection of the Lucknawi ethos in this most delicate & complex of embroidery traditions. Her passion for this craft has resulted in a painstakingly researched & beautifully presented book called "Chikankari - A Lucknawi Tradition", a reflection of its history & traditions.

Day 4, Monday, 4th February 2019

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12 noon
Literary Guftugu - - Main Chabutra, Baradari
# Book Release: Wanderings in the Lanes of History
Mehru Jaffer in conversation with the author Nasima Aziz
"'An insiders look at the Nawabi court, the firangi fortune seekers and a refined public that created the cultured life of Lucknow "
Nasima Aziz is a poet, author, playwright and has written a cook book on vegetarian cuisine in India. She has been the edtor of a series of Sanatkada books documenting the oral history of Lucknow .
Mehru Jaffer is a journalist and author of the Books of Mohammad, Nizamuddin Aulia, and Moinuddin Chisti and Love and life in Lucknow. She is passionate about Lucknowi

4 pm
Literary Guftugu - Salempur House
# Book Release - Akhtari: Soz aur Saaz ka Afsana
Edited by Yatindra Mishra
A conversation with Yatindra Mishra, a poet, editor and scholar of music and cinema. His work on Lata Mangeshkar, Lata: Sur Gath won him the Swarna Kamal award at the 64th National Film Awards. He is the first person from Uttar Pradesh to have won this award.

Day 5, Tuesday, 5th February 2019

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3 pm
Literary Guftugu- Salempur House
# Book Release - Qissa Qissa Lakhnowwa: Lucknow ke Awami Qisse
Shiraz Hussain in conversation with the author Himanshu Bajpai
Himanshu Bajpai is a freelance journalist, dastango and storyteller. His writings and recitations are centred on the culture and society of Lucknow.
In an effort to revive forgotten poetry of Ismat Chughtai, Majaz Lakhnawi and Ramadhir Singh 'Dinkar', Shiraz Hussain paints post-cards, t-shirts, tote bags, diaries, etc. with their poetry. A professor at the Applied Arts department, Jamia Millia University, Hussain's creativity straddles diverse elements of the visual arts. Through the Khwaab Tanha Collective, he produces affordable & practical 'art'.