Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival - 2017

Event - Literary Guftugu in collaboration with Salempur House, Venue : Salempur House, Opp. Baradari, Qaiser Bagh

A series of talks around the festival theme, designed to educate and discuss pioneering initiatives on lifestyle, architecture, heritage and restoration. The Guftugu sessions by prominent academicians, scholars, historians, activists, restorers and writers are designed to help us get better acquainted with our city, our heritage and what we can do to preserve and promote it. This year, we are also launching "Lucknow Lectern" - An annual lecture series featuring eminent personalities to speak about the theme and the present times.

Sari: The Magic of the Unstitched Garment

Snippets from the Social History of Lucknow

Neemranafication: Revitalizing Ruins for their Continued Viability

The Story of Indo Portuguese House

Lucknow Book Release: AKBAR

Lucknow Book Release: The Other Lucknow and Doosra Lucknow

To be at home - Talk by Prof. Savyasaachi

FICCI - FLO Kanpur & Lucknow Presents: Can Historic Homes of Lucknow be Saved

Day 1: Friday, 3rd February 12.00 Noon Sari: The Magic of the Unstitched Garment, Talk & Live Demonstration by Rita Kapur Chishti Rita Kapur Chisti
Rita Kapur Chishti is the co-author and editor of Saris of India volumes on Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal. As a writer and translator Chisti has written about the life and work of crafts persons and has written scripts for films and exhibitions. She is founder of the 'Sari School', which produces saris and organizes workshops and private classes for those who wish to learn the wonders of this unstitched garment.

Day 2: Saturday, 4th February 04.00 PM Snippets from the Social History of Lucknow - Inaugural Lecture Series Lucknow Lectern - by Prof. Irfan Habib Irfan Habib Born into a family of academicians, Prof. Irfan Habib is an Indian historian of ancient and medieval India, well known for his strong stance against Hindu and Islamic fundamentalism. Author of several books, he was the Chairman of the Indian Council of Historical Research during 1986-90. He was the General Secretary, Sectional President, and then the President of the Indian History Congress. He was Professor of History at Aligarh from 1969-91. He is presently Professor Emeritus at the Department of History, Aligarh Muslim University.

Day 3: Sunday, 5th February 11.00 AM Neemranafication: Revitalizing Ruins for their Continued Viability Talk by Aman Nath
Aman Nath Aman Nath is an Indian writer, hotelier, and architectural restorer. He is the co-founder of the Neemrana Hotels chain, along with Late Francis Wacziarg. They are credited for pioneering the heritage hotels movement in India. They started in 1991 and have acquired over 25 heritage properties and converted them into heritage hotels after restoration. He was also one of the founding members of INTACH.

Day 3: Sunday, 5th February 03.30 PM The Story of Indo Portuguese House - Talk by Gerard Da Cunha
Gerard da Cunha Born in Godhra, Gujarat, Gerard Da Cunha is an architect based in Goa, known for utilizing locally available materials and traditional construction techniques. He won the prestigious Prime Minister's National Award for Excellence in Urban Planning and Design. Gerard has designed, built and curated a 'Houses of Goa' museum that traces Goan architectural traditions, building materials and styles. He was hired to restore the oldest fort of Goa- Reis Magos Fort, once a neglected ruin. It has now become a successful tourist destination showcasing the history of Goa to visitors.

Day 3: Sunday, 5th February 5.30 PM - Lucknow Book Release: AKBAR - Author Shazi Zaman in Conversation with Virendra Yadav Shazi Zaman Shazi Zaman is a graduate in history from St. Stephen's College, Delhi and has been trained in electronic media journalism. With over 20 years of invaluable journalistic experience behind him, he is now the Group Editor at ABP News. Virendra Yadav With a flair for fiction, Shazi is an established Hindi novelist and short story writer. He is well known for his work - 'Premgali Ati Sankri' - a story that deals with complexities of gender relations.
Virendra Yadav is a critic and writer based in Lucknow. His research work has focused on Prem Chandra's writings. He is one of the stalwarts of the Progressive Writers Association.

Day 4: Monday, 6th February 03:30 PM Lucknow Book Release: The Other Lucknow and Doosra Lucknow Author Nadeem Hasnain in Conversation with Radhika Bordia & Himanshu Bajpai
Nadeem Hasnain Nadeem Hasnain is a social scientist with a broad range of interests. Formerly, a Professor of Social Anthropology at the Lucknow University. He has been a Fulbright 'Scholar in Residence' and lectured at several universities in the USA. A teacher, a researcher, and social activist, he is currently a Senior Fellow, Indian Council of Social Science Research.

Himanshu Bajpai Himanshu Bajpai is a journalist, a storyteller, a litterateur and dastango. He is currently a research scholar at the Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University, Wardha and a cultural ambassador of the famed inclusive, pluralistic spirit of the city. Himanshu Bajpai Radhika Bordia is a journalist and a television presenter for NDTV. With a wealth of journalistic experience behind her, she has unraveled and presented issues of national importance. In these times of TRP driven, jingoistic journalism, she is often the voice of reason.

Day 5: Tuesday, 7th February 12.00 PM - To be at home - Talk by Prof. Savyasaachi
Prof. Savyasaachi Head of Department of Sociology at Jamia Millia Islamia University, Prof. Savyasaachi started his explorations of different ways of life with long years of fieldwork with the Koitor forest dwellers in Chattisgarh and with Hill Kharias and Kutia Khonds in Orissa. He has worked with conservation architects at the Delhi-based Cultural Resource Conservation Initiative on Gender, Culture and People-Centered Development. He has several publications; the most recent one being the Penguin book of forest stories, titled 'Between the earth and the sky'.

Day 5: Tuesday, 7th February 03.30 PM FICCI - FLO Kanpur & Lucknow Presents: Can Historic Homes of Lucknow be Saved
Panel discussion with Adity Chakravarti, Jyotsna Habibullah, Nayab Bakshi & Sunita Kohli in conversation with Vandana Sehgal

Sunita Kohli Sunita Kohli is a globally recognized, national award winning architectural restorer of some of the most prominent heritage buildings, forts and palaces in India, Pakistan, Bhutan and Sri Lanka that are vital links to the history and culture of South Asia. In 1992, she became the first interior designer to be conferred the Padma Shree. She has founded and mentored several NGO's.

Jyotsna Habibullah Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Her beautiful home, the famed Habibullah Mansion, restored and maintained with great care, is a shining example of 'living history' and how best to preserve it.

Nayab Bakshi Nayab Bakhshi is an entrepreneur and interior decorator of the lovingly restored and luxuriously appointed boutique heritage property, Lebua- Saraca Estate Lucknow.

Vandana Sehgal
Dr. Vandana Sehgal is an architect, an artist and an academic, her area of research being architecture theory. She is a Professor and Head of Department in Faculty of Architecture APJ Kalam Technical University, Lucknow.

Adity Chakravarti is a professional artist and blogger. Over the past thirty years she has lived in different countries across the world, working with local artists. Her interaction with various artists; and social groups in these countries, especially Ireland, and her admiration for cultures that protect their heritage, led her to write a blog about rapidly disappearing old homes in India.

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