Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival 2017

Event - Qaiserbagh Heritage Walks & City Tours

Take a walk on one of our guided tours through the streets of old Lucknow and into the historical homes that inspired this year's theme. Every brick has a story to tell and now you have the chance to go listen.

Car Tour

Heritage Walk

City Tour by Tornos

Saturday & Sunday - 4th & 5th February 9.00 AM
Car Tour: Lucknow ki Reha'ish - Visiting Lucknow Homes & Families and the Begum Akhtar's Mazaar with Adity Chakravarty Venue: Begins at Baradari

The car tours take you on a ride through the streets of Lucknow, visiting the homes of Lucknow featured in the Lucknow ki Reha'ish exhibition and book.
Prior Registration Needed:-Tour of Old Houses of Lucknow & Begum Akhtar Mazaar (Rs. 500 per head)

Saturday 4th Feb 1.00 PM and Sunday 5th February, 9:00 AM
Heritage Walk - Qaiser Bagh and its Homes with Nimra Rizvi -
Venue: Begins at Press Club

A regular feature the Heritage walk helps reacquaint with the glorious architectural legacy of Lucknow and the homes in the complex.
Prior Registration Needed: -Qaiser Bagh Heritage Walk (Free)

Saturday, 4th February 01:00 PM
City Tour by TORNOS
Venue: Begins at Baradari

TORNOS is a city based full service, leisure and business travel company, known for its quality arrangements and a genuine heritage travel experience.
Prior Registration Needed:-City Tour by Tornos (Free)

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