Chhedi Lal Ram Prasad Vaish (King of Shakes)

Opposite Sahu Cinema, Hazratganj.

In 1922, Chhedi Lal Vaish established a shop in Hazratganj which is today known as Chhedi Lal Ram Prasad Vaish. After him his son Ram Prasad Vaish, and then grandson Ramesh Vaish took over the shop and today this ancestral shop is mainly overseen by Akash—a scion of the fourth generation. Akash is an advocate by profession, and tries to give as much time as possible to the shop. Almost all members of his joint family together take care of the heritage of their ancestors.

The old connoisseurs of Lucknow knew of the shop by the name of King of Shakes. Hazratganj has always been a famous area of Lucknow and the new term “Ganjing” was coined to describe strolling through the street for relaxation and entertainment. A visit to The King of Shakes was an important part of Ganjing in bygone times. It was said that if you did not have a cold coffee or shake here, your Ganjing was incomplete. One interesting feature of the King of Shakes is that shakes are served here every day of the year. Their Mango Shake and Badam Shake are the most famous. Cold coffee was added to the menu in 1945 and is equally famous. Their employees have been with them for 30 or 40 years. Akash also tells us that often some people come to his shop to recall their last visit 30-40 years ago.

Today it has been almost 99 years and there is always a shake to be had at Chedi Lal’s shop. This was something new for Lucknow in 1922, but the outlet made for itself an abiding name as one of the most famous in Lucknow.