Bhaijaan’s Shop

Opposite Irfaniya Madarsa, Sarkata Nala, Akbari Gate

About 50-60 years ago, Imtiyaz Rasul moved from Bahraich to Lucknow as a child. He began operating a stall near Akbari Gate to sell gur patti (toffee), gazak and laddoos in the winter and besan papri, nuqti namkeen and namakpara during the summer. As times improved, he got himself a hand cart and eventually the current premises. His sons Karamat Rasul and Ghayas Rasul inherited the shop. Everyone used to call Imtiyaz ‘bhaijaan’ in the old times, and his shop continues to earn fame under the same name. Its proximity to a madarsa and the goodwill of generations of customers ensure brisk business. The taste of savoury snacks is just the same as ever. Customers travel long distances to relish their papri and kala khurma. During holi and diwali, their papad, dalmoth and sweets are in great demand. During ramzan, sohal, pakoras and bread pakoras are sought after for iftar. They make luchai only on confirmed orders. Their aloo papri and kala khurma are star attractions. Kala khurma are dipped in a syrup that is made with caramelised sugar and milk solids. Ghayas tells us that ever since they have added poori and samosa to the menu, the clientale has increased. These days, there are crowds of customers around the shop. The delicious taste of their preparations and the warm smiles of the two brothers is enough to ensure that their regular customers say hooked.