Bedhu Lal Sahu Namkeen

This shop was established in 1916 by Bedhu Lal Sahu. After him, his son Jagat Narayan Sahu ran it for several years. Now it is managed by his grandsons, Sanjay Tandon and Kapil Sahu. The two cousins recall that when they were small, their Dalmoth used to be sold at ₹ 10 a kilogram. The price of a kilogram of Dalmoth of the same quality is no ₹ 200. The taste has not changed since their boyhood. Revdi, Gazak, Dalmoth, and Masala Samosas and Khastas made here are very famous. The samosas and khastas are made with a stuffing prepared from ground and fermented lentils and spices. They source their ground spices from the retail market and use a well-known brand. An important feature of their products is that they can keep well for several days and do not go bad.