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About the Past Festivals

Twelve years ago, the conception of an annual festival revolved around the provision of a platform for craftsmen and weavers from different part of the country, in Lucknow. Over the years this festival has grown to become more than just a crafts and weaves bazaar and has transformed into celebration of literature, culture, art, cuisine and music synonymous with Lucknow. Each year a theme of historical as well as contemporary relevance to Awadh is explored in this festival through panel discussions, cultural programs and the very popular souvenirs which are released as a part of the theme each year. The festival is the documentation of oral history and a revival of traditions associated with the city's rich historical past. Held in the centre of the city, at the historic Safed Baradari, the aim of this festival is to bring together Lucknow wallahs for four days of fun, frolic and a little blast from the past!

Year 2006

Sanatkada began hosting a Weaves and Craft Bazaar in 2006. The bazaar brought together about 15 craftsmen from all over the country. Some of these groups were Chirag with organic and woollen products from Mukteshwar, Dastkar from Andhra Pradesh and leather products from the Artisans Alliance.

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