Apollo Bakery

Opposite St. Francis School, Hazratganj. Mehboob Alam, who owns this bakery tells us that his grandfather, Fazal Ahmad used to have his bakery in Hussainganj. A Christian priest, who used to teach at St. Francis School, was so fond of the bread that Fazal Ahmad baked that he prevailed upon him to open shop close to the school. The bakery was established in 1967 and was named Apollo Bakery as suggested by the holy Father. The bread they baked was served to all residents of the school. Fazal Ahmad’s son, Abdul Rashid and now the third generation inherited the bakery. Apollo Bakery is the favourite hangout for students of St. Francis School. Every year around 200 students pass out of school. Whenever they return, they make it a point to visit the bakery to recall nostalgic moments of their school life. Many grow up and insist on bread from Apollo Bakery for their homes and families. A loaf of bread sold for 25 paise at the time the bakery was established. Now it costs ₹ 20.